Testimonial Third – New York
Testimonial Third – New York 150 150 Rock Creek Consulting Group

I can’t be happier with my decision to hire Rock Creek Consulting Group. They made sure I understood everything involved with my personal finances. The places I’ve experienced in the past have always made me feel like they were rushing to get me out.  I definitely didn’t have that feeling with Rock Creek, which made…

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Testimonial Second – Morrow
Testimonial Second – Morrow 150 150 Rock Creek Consulting Group

As a comp controller of a large company, I have always referred business owners needing help with their bookkeeping and accounting to Rock Creek Consulting. Each and every time I have gotten calls from them thanking me for referring them to Rock Creek.

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Testimonial First – Atherton
Testimonial First – Atherton 150 150 Rock Creek Consulting Group

Rock Creek Consulting is a huge asset to our company, helping us reduce overhead by providing us with a great alternative to hiring a full time accountant.

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