CFO / COO Services

We Manage Your Operational Performance

An Operations Boost that Pays Dividends

Your day-to-day operations aren’t optimized. You’re sure some new processes could fix it, but you don’t have the time figure it out on your own. It’ll take making up solution roadmaps, implementing them as processes, coaching employees, testing the results…

There’s a better way. It only takes one step: Contracting a Rock Creek CFO/COO.

Partnering with Rock Creek for CFO/COO duties means you don’t have to worry about operational performance. We take care of it for you, from creating solution roadmaps to managing financial growth.

Fractional CFO or COO: C-Level Expertise When You Need It

With Rock Creek, you benefit from an entire team of C-level experts. Our team members have experience as Chief Operating Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Vice Presidents, and Presidents.

People with real-life successes under their belts. People who understand that excellent financial advising goes way beyond the numbers. People ready and able to serve as your part-time or fractional CFO/COO.

And yes, we can handle all of the financial aspects of a business. We perform the critical financial duties for you, from accounting and tracking of finances, all the way up to making financial decisions for the future and providing funding for growth.

Our CFO/COO team works as a partner with your business, guiding smooth day-to-day operations toward future growth.

We help clients define new business processes to capture greater efficiency. Choose the right technology for the future. Create and implement a vision where everyone’s recognized.

Having trouble getting buy-in? Employees are slow to adopt new processes? Turn it over to your Rock Creek CFO/COO. We’ll “rally the team” by building staff appreciation into your processes.

At the end of the day, it all adds up to one thing: Greater operational performance. By partnering with Rock Creek to take over your CFO/COO duties, you gain productivity that pays dividends.